Hafeez Mikail, 27, is a rising actor, singer and model from Kuala Lumpur who started his career in entertainment since 2008. Best known for his leading role in the musical film Busker, a production by Astro Shaw which premiered in 2018.

He took a break from acting after high school and worked as a fitness trainer and cabin crew for Malaysian Airlines for a couple of years. Hafeez returns to acting and with luck on his side, he was offered numerous roles for telemovies; Sayang Suria, Peluang Kedua, Kubur Berdarah and dramas; Tiada Arah Jodoh Kita and Puteri Bukan Nama Sebenar and many more.

In preparation for his role in Busker, Hafeez learned to play the guitar and developed a strong passion for music. His last live singing appearance was at FFM in 2017 and recently has just released his own single called “Rahsia”.

OlaBola The Musical Season 2 would be Hafeez’s theatre debut and a dream come true for him as now he dedicates his time and effort into further pursuing his acting career and believes that with great discipline, one can achieve great lengths.

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